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{Trick / How I Do} Logo Design

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Postnovadev on Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:48 pm

Every freelancer want to create unique logos for his customers, but most of them, don't choose good colors, good ideeas and try to creade them from nothing. Today, I'll show "How I do...logos", you have just to read and learn.

As a graphic designer, you need to generate high quality images which aren't in pixels and give to customer a unique sensation. Most of new logo designers use Photoshop which is the badest thing ever done by them. To create high quality logos, you need first to know Adobe Illustrator, how Photoshop say, it was created to manipulate images, redesign images and others, in another part, it is Illustrator which allow you to create high quality flat ( one-color) logos or anything that you want.
You can create a lot of thing with Illustrator and it is much better for this job.

First Step
Most of designers don't start with a small sketch, I choose to creade them with my hand because in this moment I don't have any tablet to make them digital but it is better sketch. Make a photo of it, drag in Illustrator and start working. The best thing to Illustrator is "Pen Tool" if you already done job with Photoshop's pentool, you will do and with Illustrator.

Second Step
Illustrator automaticaly make any pentool cretion vector, a vector is a flat shape which can be resized at very big scales, for example you have a vector with 100x100 size, you can resize it at 1500x1500 without loosing quality, if you try to do that in photoshop, it will look ugly and unprofessional. When you create a logo, choose very big size, I always choose 1500x1500 because it is better to have a very big shape than a very small, in big you can modify any small part of it.

Illustrator come with a nice pallet of colors, which fit very goot in most of websites, Colors are a very big problem of designer, but, if you don't like them, you can use Color Palettes from Colour Lovers this will help you a lot. ALWAYS, choose maximum 2 colors !

It is very important to choose professional font, but most of them aren't free, I have a very big pack of familis , in one moment I'll need them, but you should choose serif fonts ( like Trojan Pro, Times New Roman ) and sans-serif ( Arial,verdana,tahoma,calibri ) this are very good fonts, but you can find very good fonts and on dafont I choose from there a lot of good fonts like Lobster, Bebas but not Birth of a Hero or fonts like this.

If you like my "How I do" I'll make more  if you want, just send me a private message with your feedback about this HID, soon I'll come and with some tutorials
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PostSLGray on Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:00 pm

Tip Accepted
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PostLuffy on Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:28 am

Great and useful tip! Thanks a lot novadev!

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